2 Most Common Springfield SA-35 Problems And How To Fix Them

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During My hands-on experience with the Springfield SA-35, it didn’t take me long to observe certain issues that popped up more than once. 

Among the ones I noticed? A nagging failure to extract and some unexpected hammer issues. These aren’t minor frustrations – they really get in the way of an optimal experience. 

But don’t worry. I am  here to dive into these Springfield SA-35 Problems and offer you some top-notch solutions. It’s not just about highlighting what’s wrong; it’s about making it right.

I’ll give you a clear understanding of the problems with the Springfield SA-35 and arm you with solutions that can help. Stick with me; I’ve got your back.

Overview of the Problems & their Solutions

Failure to ExtractReplace the spring or install an original FN extractor.
Hammer BiteExtend the tang of the grip frame or install a no-bite hammer.

Top 2 Problems & Solutions for the Springfield SA-35

1. Failure To Extract

I’ve got to tell you the “failure to extract” situation with the Springfield SA-35 was a real kick in the teeth. Sure, the issue often reared its head around the 800-round mark, but for some of me, it showed up earlier. 

Way earlier. For instance, one of me faced the first failure during the second box of ammo shot. Yeah, you read that right. Soon after, 3 to 5 FTEs per magazine became the unwelcome norm.

Now, that’s simply not on, right? The culprit? Poorly milled channels for the extractor spring. Then there were weak springs or ones that expanded slightly under pressure. 

They’d get stuck in the channel, leading to this maddening issue. So there you have it: a seemingly minor manufacturing flaw causing major extraction headaches.


I decided to tackle this problem head-on. Off to the gunsmith I went, with the aim of changing that pesky spring. Nervous? A bit, but it was either that or keep dealing with this annoying issue.

I was relieved to find that, once the gun came back, it worked a treat. Just like that, it was firing smoothly, the frustrating FTEs a thing of the past. 

So My advice? If you’re dealing with a similar issue, consider getting the spring replaced. Or better yet, install an original FN extractor and spring. Trust us; it makes a world of difference.

2. Hammer Problems

Now, let’s talk about another persistent issue: the dreaded hammer problem. As the slide recoiled, the hammer got pushed back, and oh, boy, did that result in some painful pinching. 

That part of your hand right between the hammer and the tang of the frame? Not a fun place to get pinched, trust us. Yep, that’s a hammer bite, and let’s just say it wasn’t the most pleasant sensation. With the SA-35, I still experienced that annoying little pinch.


But hey, I am not just here to complain, are we? Let’s talk about solutions. I discovered the best fix was extending the tang of the grip frame. 

A pricey fix? Sure, but it worked. But if you’re budget-conscious like us, I found a more affordable alteration that did the trick.

The magic solution? Installing a no-bite hammer from a gunsmith. After that, it was goodbye hammer bite, hello comfortable shooting experience. Believe us; your hands will thank you.


Well, there you have it, folks. The Springfield SA-35, in all its complex glory. It’s a robust piece of equipment with so much to offer. Yet, like most things in life, it’s not without its little rough edges. 

I’ve had My fair share of unexpected surprises with this firearm – the failure to extract issue and the hammer problems, to be exact. They certainly added a bit of spice to My field testing, that’s for sure.

But, rather than see these issues as deal-breakers, I found them to be learning opportunities. With every problem encountered, I also discovered a solution. 

So yes, the Springfield SA-35 might have its challenges, but armed with My practical advice, they become mere inconveniences.


Where is Springfield Armory SA-35 made? 

The Springfield Armory SA-35 is made in the USA.

Is the SA-35 a high power? 

Yes, the SA-35 is considered a high-power pistol.

Who makes Springfield SA-35? 

Springfield Armory is the manufacturer of the SA-35.

Is Springfield SA-35 double action? 

No, the SA-35 is a single-action semi automatic firearm.

Can the SA-35 shoot +P ammo? 

Yes, the SA-35 can comfortably shoot +P ammo.

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