3 Most Common Springfield Garrison Problems And How To Fix Them

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Recently, My attention has been directed to the Springfield Garrison. I was eager to evaluate its performance, expecting it to meet my high standards. Instead, I found myself facing some unexpected challenges.

Throughout my tests, I encountered a trio of common Springfield Garrison Problems: failure to extract, barrel complications, and magazine issues. Each problem presented a unique hurdle to Garrison’s overall functionality and user experience. 

I will share my findings and arm you with solutions for these common setbacks. I’m confident that with this guide, you’ll be able to overcome any difficulties and bring out the best in your Springfield Garrison. Let’s dive right i

Table of Springfield Garrison Problems

Failure to ExtractSend it to Springfield for modifications.
Barrel IssuesReplace the jammed barrel with a new one.
Magazine IssuesClean the magazine catch and surrounding area.

Top 3 Springfield Garrison Problems & Solutions

1. Failure To Extract

Well, let’s talk about my first issue: failure to extract. I fired a couple hundred rounds of 115 gr ball ammo during my initial test at the range. 

Despite my high hopes, I experienced a number of feed failures. The Springfield Garrison extracted the round fine, but often it didn’t fully chamber it. 

I tried different recoil springs, including the factory default and a 12-pound alternative, but the result remained the same. It was frustrating and perplexing – a setback I wasn’t anticipating.


What did I do? I sent it back to Springfield for a checkup. The firearm returned to us with a note detailing the modifications done. 

The chamber and feed ramp had been recut, and the extractor had been tuned. After these alterations, the problem was resolved. 

The firearm fed and chambered rounds smoothly, and the extraction issue became a thing of the past. The experience was a good reminder that sometimes the solution requires expert hands and technical modifications.

2. Barrel Problems

Moving on, the second issue I ran into involved the barrel. Post my initial range trip; I moved on to field testing and routine maintenance. That’s when I faced my next roadblock. 

Everything disassembled smoothly, all parts except the barrel, that is. The barrel refused to slide out. The lug seemed to jam in the front end of the slide and try as I might, I just couldn’t wiggle it free. 

It was baffling to encounter such an unexpected obstacle.


At this point, I knew I needed a more drastic solution. In my case, it turned out the barrel needed a complete replacement. So, that’s exactly what I did. I swapped out the old stubborn barrel for a new one. 

After the replacement, the disassembly went off without a hitch, and the barrel slid out smoothly from the slide. 

Sometimes, it seems, the simplest solution is the right one – if a part isn’t working as it should, it might be time for a new one. 

3. Magazine Issues

Last but not least, let’s talk about the third challenge I faced with the Springfield Garrison: magazine issues.

I was out in the field, and the firearm performed better post the modifications, but a new problem emerged. The magazine just wouldn’t stay in place. No matter how much force I applied or how many times I attempted to click it in.It simply refused to remain in position.


So, what did I do? I did what any good problem solver does: strip down the problem, literally. I detail-stripped the pistol to ensure the magazine catch was clean and the area was free of any debris that might be causing the issue. 

I was prepared to try a different magazine if that didn’t work. Surprisingly, a thorough cleaning did the trick. My dear magazine was back in its rightful place, snug and secure. 

Sometimes, a good clean sweep is all a problem needs to fix itself. My experience with the Springfield Garrison really drove that point home.


At the end of the day, while having its share of initial troubles, the Springfield Garrison turned out to be a firearm that just needed a bit of hands-on care. 

After going through a couple of hurdles, including failure to extract, barrel issues, and magazine complications, I realized It demands your attention and some elbow grease.

But once these problems are worked out, it emerges as a sturdy, reliable firearm, living up to Springfield’s reputation. 

Whether it’s for recreational target shooting, competition, or simply refining your marksmanship skills, with a bit of fine-tuning, the Garrison proves to be a firearm that won’t let you down.


Is the Springfield Garrison good?

The Springfield Garrison is a reliable and accurate firearm for recreational target shooting, competition, or refining handgun marksmanship.

What is the difference between Springfield Garrison and Loaded?

The main differences are the ambidextrous safety and sights. The Garrison has rear-only cocking grooves, while the Loaded has both rear and forward ones.

Are Springfields reliable?

Springfield Armory firearms are generally well-regarded for their accuracy and reliability, fitting various needs and preferences.

Where does Springfield make their 1911?

The premier production 1911 in the world, the Springfield Armory TRP, is proudly crafted in Geneseo, Illinois.

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  1. While many people can afford to replace the barrel, I am not one. I had a R/O Champion 9mm that I had to send back because of the barrel. They fixed it and returned it in a timely manner. I also own a 1911 SS Loaded in 45 that never has had an issue. I will say that in all of my 1911s (I have 3) I spent the money and purchased Wilson Mags for them and never regretted it. I am very happy with my Springfields ( 2 x 1911, Hellcat & Hellcat Pro). I do have other firearms that I carry, they are Sig’s.

    • Really appreciate you sharing your Springfield experiences. Glad to hear they sorted out your R/O Champion issue swiftly. Your choice of Wilson Mags sounds like a smart move for reliability. Also, it’s cool to hear your confidence in both Springfield and Sig’s.


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