3 Most Common Ruger P85 Problems And How To Fix Them

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Recently, I had the chance to test out the Ruger P85 and let me tell you; it’s a solid piece. While using it, I encountered a few common Ruger P85 Problems that, honestly, could need some attention. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. The Ruger P85 is a pretty reliable firearm overall. But in the interest of full transparency, I did notice some issues with the slide lock, failure to fire, and the trigger mechanism. 

So, here we are! I’ve compiled this handy guide to walk you through these problems and give you some easy fixes.

Overview of Ruger P85 Problems & their Solutions

Slide Lock IssueReplace worn slide lock spring and test with dummy rounds.
Failure To FireCheck ammo and firing pin; replace if necessary.
Trigger IssueClean or replace trigger spring and test extensively.

Top 3 Ruger P85 Problems & Solutions

1. Slide Lock Problem

While testing the Ruger P85, I found myself in a bit of a snag with the slide lock. I was, out in the field, and the slide just wouldn’t lock back after the last round. 

Frustrating, right? It’s an issue because not having the slide lock back means you might waste valuable time figuring out if you’re out of ammo. 

An annoying issue can mess with your focus and overall experience.


Alright, after some tinkering, I found a way to fix this. First things first, make sure the gun is unloaded and safe. Then, inspect the slide lock spring. If it’s damaged or worn out, that’s likely the culprit. 

Replacing it did the trick for me. But don’t stop there. Test it multiple times with snap caps or dummy rounds to ensure the problem is genuinely fixed. 

Believe me; it’s better to find any issues before returning to the field. And just like that, you’re good to go!

2. Failure To Fire

So, here’s another issue that caught my attention: failure to fire. Imagine being out on the range, you aim, pull the trigger, and… nothing. 

Yep, pretty annoying and could be potentially serious depending on what you’re using the firearm for. It interrupts the flow, makes you lose confidence in your tool, and honestly, it’s just not a good look for any firearm. 

This issue isn’t something you can simply brush off; addressing it as soon as possible is crucial.


Now, here’s how I went about solving this issue. Always make sure the gun is unloaded for safety first, of course. 

Take a look at the firing pin and the ammunition you’re using. Sometimes, the problem lies in damaged or old ammo. I switched to a new batch, and it made a world of difference. Still, having issues? Check the firing pin; it might be dirty or damaged. 

A good cleaning or, in some extreme cases, a replacement should solve the problem. Lastly, give your firearm a few test rounds to make sure it’s consistently firing. And there you have it, the issue sorted!

3. Trigger Issue

Ah, the trigger issue. So you’re out there, you’ve got your Ruger P85, and you’re all set to enjoy some range time. 

But wait, pulling the trigger feels a bit… off. Maybe it’s too heavy, or perhaps it’s just not as smooth as it should be. 

Trust me, I’ve been there, and it’s frustrating. A faulty trigger pull can impact your shooting accuracy and overall comfort. 

It’s the kind of problem that gets under your skin because it makes every shot feel like a struggle.


Alright, let’s get this fixed, shall we? First things first, ensure the firearm is unloaded for safety. Check for any obstructions or dirt causing the trigger to act up. 

Cleaning it thoroughly helped in my case. If it’s still not smooth, it might be a mechanical issue that requires a part replacement. I switched out the trigger spring, which seemed to resolve the problem. 

Just make sure to test it out extensively afterwards to confirm that you’ve truly resolved the issue. And just like that, you’re back in business!

Final Conclusion

There you have it, folks! The Ruger P85 is undeniably reliable, but like any piece of machinery, it’s not without flaws. 

From slide lock issues to the occasional failure to fire and that pesky trigger issue, these problems can throw a wrench in your shooting plans. But remember, every problem has a solution. 

Replacing the slide lock spring, checking your ammo and firing pin, or swapping out the trigger spring can go a long way. I’ve been out in the field with this firearm, and while these issues did give me pause, they were all fixable. 

If you own a Ruger P85 or plan on getting one, don’t let these minor setbacks deter you. With attention and some simple fixes, this gun can offer you reliability and performance.


Is the Ruger P85 discontinued?

Yes, the P85 was discontinued in 1990.

What year was the Ruger P85 made?

Manufactured from 1987 to 1992.

Is there a recall on the Ruger 57?

Yes, certain pistols with a serial number of 642-26274 or lower are affected.

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