7 Most Common Taurus TX22 Problems And How To Fix Them

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In my field testing, I had the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of the Taurus TX22. I spent countless hours examining, firing, and exploring this firearm, and my hands-on experience led me to some intriguing discoveries.

I encountered several common Taurus TX22 Problems while using this firearm, ranging from not returning to battery to slide locking problems. These were not mere glitches but substantial issues that needed my immediate attention. 

So, I decided to put my heads together to identify these problems and find practical solutions.

The aim of this article is simple: I want to share my insights on the problems I encountered with the Taurus TX22 and, more importantly, the solutions I’ve crafted for these issues. 

Overview of the Problems & the Solutions

Not Returning To BatteryClean and inspect gun; use appropriate ammo
Barrel ProblemsReplace or fix barrel, seek professional gunsmithing if needed
Problems with the Recoil SpringReplace recoil springs, broken slide; use Lakeline buffered recoil spring
Feeding IssuesClean the magazine, inspect ammo and recoil spring
Problems with the ExtractorReplace both the extractor and extractor spring; clean if blocked
Magazine IssuesAvoid stock loader; use the Hilljak Magazine Speed Loader
Slide Locking ProblemsClean and reassemble the magazine and slide lock lever; adjust lever if needed

Top 7 Taurus TX22 Problem & Solutions

1. Not Returning To Battery

During my extensive testing of the Taurus TX22, one major problem I encountered was the failure to return to battery. 

Now, what does that mean? Well, when the slide of the pistol doesn’t fully close and lock into place, that’s when you have this issue. It caused quite a few headaches for us, leading to misfires and erratic cycling. 

Trust us, it’s a real nuisance when you’re out in the field, trying to get accurate shots, and this keeps popping up.


So, how did I tackle this? I rolled up my sleeves and got to work, thoroughly disassembling and cleaning the firearm. 

I found that the most common cause was an issue with the ammunition, such as using old or corroded rounds. 

By focusing on cleaning the barrel and slide and inspecting the extractor for damage, I was able to address the issue. 

A check on the recoil spring helped as well, and I made sure to use the appropriate ammo. After these fixes, the problem was gone, and the gun was back in action. It’s a hands-on solution, but it gets the job done!

2. Barrel Problems

While testing the Taurus TX22, I stumbled upon an issue that gave me pause: the barrel’s non-concentricity. 

I could not simply brush off this; one side of the rifling looked wider than the other. 

Moreover, I noticed other issues, such as barrel misalignment, bulges, obstruction, and poor accuracy. Clearly, this was not just a one-off issue but something that needed my careful attention.


So, what did I do about it? I immediately disassembled the firearm and inspected every nook and cranny. 

Upon finding that the barrel was flawed, I realized it needed replacement. Unfortunately, some replacements were dissatisfactory, so I inspected those properly before installing them. 

I also fixed obstructions and ensured cleanliness. Each step brought me closer to a smooth-performing firearm, and though it was a challenge, I restored its integrity. Trust us; a thorough examination and precise action can really turn things around!

3. Problems with the Recoil Spring

Here’s something that caught my eyes during my rigorous field testing of the Taurus TX22: fractures in the slide. You’d think it’s something minor, but it turned out to be the most common problem with this gun. 

The cracks would appear at the front of the slide where the recoil spring is located. After firing over a thousand rounds, those small cracks started to make an appearance. It was alarming, to say the least!


So, what’s the solution? I learned the hard way that you have to replace the recoil springs. 

I found that the Lakeline buffered stainless recoil spring worked like a charm. And as for the broken slide? That needs an immediate replacement too. Operating with a cracked slide is no joke; it’s downright dangerous. 

I contacted Taurus to get the slide replaced, and I advise anyone facing this issue to do the same. Safety first, always!

4. Feeding Issues

While testing the Taurus TX22, I noticed something really frustrating. The slide of the gun sometimes jammed after shootings, and the bullets would get stuck onto the side of the magazine. 

I’d pull the trigger, and nothing would happen. Talk about a buzzkill! This problem isn’t something to be taken lightly; it affects the overall performance of the firearm.


When faced with this issue, I knew I had to figure it out fast. I started by swapping out the magazine temporarily and found that cleaning the magazine seemed to fix the problem. 

Disassembling it and thoroughly cleaning it with a magazine brush did the trick. Of course, I checked for other potential causes, like ammo issues and recoil spring problems but found that proper maintenance of the magazine was the key. 

Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced user, keeping your firearm clean and well-maintained is a must. It’s as simple as that!

5. Problems with the Extractor

In the field, the Taurus TX22 jamming became an unexpected headache. I found the slide locking midway, which quickly pointed to a bad extractor. 

The spring was sometimes the culprit too. You can’t exactly ignore a jam like that. It puts a halt to everything and can affect safety. I knew I had to understand the problem fully to prevent it from recurring.


The solution? Replace both the extractor and the extractor spring. After taking the slide off and removing the barrel, I pushed the pin on the back using a small screwdriver. From there, removing and replacing the pin and extractor was a matter. 

I also made sure to inspect it for wear or damage. A simple cleaning did the trick if it was just a blockage causing the issue. It was quite a process, but knowing your firearm inside out can really save the day. It’s something any gun owner can do with a bit of patience and care.

6. Magazine Issues

One problem that really stood out to me while testing the Taurus TX22 was the stock magazine loader. It seemed like a good idea, but it was pretty frustrating in practice. 

Usually, it would move the top round down alright, but then the struggle would begin. Getting the next round in while maneuvering around the magazine’s edges became a genuine hassle. It was awkward and time-consuming, far from the smooth process I was expecting.


The fix I found was to simply avoid using the stock magazine loader that came with the gun. After a bit of searching, I settled on the Hilljak Magazine Speed Loader. 

What a difference it made! The rounds went in without a hitch, and the reload time was cut dramatically. 

Unloading 16 rounds became easy. For anyone dealing with this issue, switching to a different loader like the Hilljak can turn a frustrating process into a smooth one. 

7. Slide Locking Problems

In my hands-on experience with the Taurus TX22, I encountered a somewhat bothersome issue with the slide lock lever. 

I’d be in the middle of handling the gun, and suddenly, the slide wouldn’t lock as it should, even though there were rounds in the magazine. It was perplexing at first, and it really got in the way of what was otherwise a pleasant experience.


Luckily, the solution was within reach. I started by unloading the firearm and giving both the magazine and the slide lock lever a thorough cleaning. 

Then I reassembled everything, being mindful to check that the lever was engaging properly. In one instance, I even had to adjust the lever slightly. I re-inserted the magazine once everything was back together, and the slide locked perfectly. 

This hands-on process resolved the slide-locking issue, turning a source of frustration into a lesson learned.


My extensive hands-on testing of the Taurus TX22 has provided valuable insights into the firearm’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Despite the issues I encountered, ranging from not returning to battery to slide locking problems, I also found practical and effective solutions to each problem. 

The Taurus TX22, with its accuracy and substantial magazine capacity, impressed me in many ways. 

But, it is essential to recognize that some design flaws need attention. Still, the firearm can serve well in various scenarios with careful maintenance and the right knowledge.


Is the TX22 accurate?

Yes, the TX22 is accurate, with no trouble hitting rimfire-sized targets in rimfire range.

Can you dry fire a Taurus TX 22?

Yes, the Taurus TX22 is designed to be dry fire safe.

Is the Taurus TX22 drop safe?

Yes, the Taurus TX22 is drop safe, featuring a trigger safety, a striker block, and an optional ambidextrous thumb safety.

How many rounds does a Taurus TX22 hold?

The Taurus TX22 holds 16 rounds in each of the three magazines that ship with the gun.

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  1. So as I shop around for a .22 semi, I was favorably disposed to the Taurus compared to the Ruger SR22 and Glock 44 in part because I want to add a red dot optical sight-Holsun. After reading your detailed test results now I am not sure. Is the gun good compared to the competition? Thanks

    • The TX22 is a great choice for adding a Holosun red dot, offering good accuracy and customization. While my review pointed out some TX22 issues, remember, all firearms have their quirks. The Ruger SR22 and Glock 44 are also excellent, each with unique benefits. Consider what matters most to you in a firearm for the best fit. here you can see my guide on best red dots for Taurus TX22. { https://reddotheaven.com/red-dot-sight/pistol/taurus-tx22/ }

  2. It surely is not an unproblematic gun. I purchased mine brand new and it shoots all around the shooting target on two different types of ammunition. I also encountered the problem “not returning to battery” with bullet casings dropping under the slide. Pretty disappointing to be honest after first 100 shots.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience with the Taurus TX22. It sounds like you’ve had a bit of a rough start with it. The “not returning to battery” issue can indeed be frustrating, especially with the bullet casings getting caught under the slide. Have you tried giving the gun a thorough cleaning and inspection? Sometimes, a little TLC can help sort out these issues. Also, experimenting with different types of ammo might make a difference. If the problem persists, it might be worth reaching out to Taurus for support. They’re usually pretty good at helping out with these kinds of things.


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