6 Most Common Taurus TH9 Problems And How To Fix Them

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In my extensive field testing of the Taurus TH9 firearm, I spent countless hours understanding the ins and outs of this weapon. The experience was enlightening, but it also revealed a range of problems that many might encounter.

I’ve stumbled upon Taurus TH9 Problems with the trigger, extractor issues, ejection problems, slide problems, magazine problems, and firing pin issues. 

My aim in this article is clear and simple: to detail these common problems and provide practical solutions. By sharing what I’ve learned, I hope to make your experience with the Taurus TH9 more enjoyable and less problematic. 

Overview of the Problems & their Solutions

Problems with the TriggerRegular cleaning, proper lubrication, and replacing worn springs.
Issues with the ExtractorRegular inspection, proper lubrication, and using appropriate ammo.
Ejection ProblemsProper cleaning, firm grip during shooting, professional consultation.
Slide ProblemsProper alignment and maintenance, reducing dry-firing.
Magazine ProblemsUsing Taurus-approved magazines, regular cleaning, proper lubrication.
Firing Pin IssuesCareful removal and replacement with proper tools and following specific steps.

Problems & Solutions for the Taurus TH9

1. Problems with the Trigger

I’ve noticed a persistent Taurus TH9 issue known as trigger slippage. It’s when the shooter experiences more travel or weight than expected when squeezing the trigger. 

It seems to cause excess travel without adjustable triggers, and the problem is compounded by grit, dirt, or too much lubricant. 

These factors make the firearm feel unpredictable and can affect accuracy and safety.


My field trials found that understanding and maintaining the firearm’s components is the key to preventing trigger slippage. 

Regular cleaning to remove all debris, a light film of lubrication (but not too much), and inspecting internal components for rusting were critical steps. 

Replacing worn springs also made a big difference. Following these simple steps, I was able to achieve a more consistent and secure trigger pull, enhancing the overall performance of the firearm.

2. Issues with the Extractor

During my testing of the Taurus TH9, I faced an unsettling issue where the extractor might come off while shooting. 

Loose or broken parts, particularly the extractor frame spring, were at the core of this problem. I even noticed that the indicator and extracted case might be lost or misaligned, with tiny springs sometimes going missing.


As I delved into solving this, I found that reassembling undamaged parts worked if all were located. But for broken components, replacement or a return to Taurus was required. 

Paying close attention to the firing pin and extractor during cleaning, proper lubrication, and inspection for wear became crucial. 

Using appropriate ammunition and inspecting all parts carefully before using the firearm also minimized risks. These preventive measures helped me in ensuring that the extractor remained securely in place during my subsequent use.

3. Ejection Problems

During my hands-on testing with the Taurus TH9, I encountered a recurring issue: the failure of the case to eject from the port after firing, often resulting in stovepiping. 

It was clear that this problem could occur with dirty guns, and it created quite an inconvenience as I navigated through the different rounds.


My experience led me to several fixes. I found that knocking the magazine from the bottom and racking the slide backward helped remove the stuck casing. 

Cleaning the gun properly and holding it firmly while shooting also made a difference. Additionally, I discovered that replacing worn-out springs, adjusting or replacing the slide stop lever, and tweaking the magazine’s internal springs solved the underlying causes. 

These efforts, combined with professional consultation where needed, allowed me to prevent ejection problems in subsequent tests.

4. Slide Problems

While working with the Taurus TH9, I stumbled upon an issue that caught me off guard. While reassembling the firearm, particularly when putting the slide back, I faced a jam. 

It became a repeating problem, especially after cleaning the gun or making adjustments. It became clear that a minor misalignment could result in this issue.


The solution wasn’t complicated, but it required attention to detail. By taking the slide off and pushing down a small plastic piece on the back side of the gun, I was able to realign it correctly. 

Proper maintenance, careful inspection of the recoil spring, reducing dry-firing, and ensuring the magazine’s proper alignment also contributed to preventing this problem. 

This hands-on experience allowed me to better understand the firearm’s design and the importance of careful handling and maintenance.

5. Magazine Problems

While using the Taurus TH9, I encountered magazine-related problems that were downright frustrating. 

From jamming to release malfunctions, these issues were hindering the functionality of the firearm. I soon realized that the problem was more widespread than I thought, and many owners were grappling with similar problems. 


I committed to regular cleaning and proper lubrication of the firearm and its magazines to overcome these obstacles. Sticking to the recommended ammunition size further eliminated the malfunctions. 

Over time, these measures proved effective, turning a problematic experience into a smooth and reliable one. It’s all about paying attention to details and following best practices!

6. Firing Pin Issues

During my time with the Taurus TH9, I faced an issue that initially left me a bit puzzled. 

After firing more than a thousand rounds, I started hearing an odd clicking noise every time the trigger was pulled. 

The gun failed to fire, and upon closer inspection, I found that the firing pin had broken. It was unable to strike the primer of the round, leaving the firearm non-functional.


The fix for this was hands-on and required some careful maneuvering. I followed the steps of removing the slide, taking out the spring and barrel, and then replacing the broken firing pin. 

Using tools like a punch and a hammer, I carefully removed the old firing pin and installed the new one.


The Taurus TH9 is a firearm that brings much to the table, especially for those looking for their first hammer-fired pistol. 

However, my rigorous field testing has exposed some problems, such as trigger slippage, extractor and ejection issues, slide jams, magazine malfunctions, and broken firing pins. 

Although these issues presented challenges, they were met with practical and effective solutions. Regular maintenance, attention to detail, proper handling, and using quality accessories all contributed to enhancing the firearm’s performance. 


Is Taurus TH9 a good gun? 

Yes, the Taurus TH9 is a good gun, especially for those looking to purchase their first hammer-fired pistol. However, it requires proper accessories to maximize the shooting experience.

Is the Taurus TH9 drop safe? 

Yes, the Taurus TH9 is drop safe as it has a firing pin safety and a manual safety lever to prevent accidental firing.

How many rounds does a Taurus TH9 hold? 

The Taurus TH9 holds 17 rounds, with options for 13 or 17 rounds (extended magazine) in compact models.

What ammo does the Taurus TH9 use? 

The Taurus TH9 uses either 9mm Luger or 40 S&W ammunition, depending on the specific model.

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