5 Most Common Glock 22 problems

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While testing the Glock 22, I soon discovered a few potential problems that some might face as I did. 

I first noticed the occasional failure to feed – darn annoying! Then there were the troubling ejecting and spring issues, getting more frequent than anticipated. I also grappled with slide/trigger reset issues and slide stop pin problems. 

This article aims to share my findings on these common Glock 22 problems. So, strap in as I present the problems and their solutions based on my first-hand experiences and thorough investigations. 

5 Glock 19 Problems & Solutions

1. Failure to Feed

As I fired, I experienced rounds getting jammed, disrupting my focus. I noticed the ammunition seemed to function normally when it was cooler, but as the heat picked up, I were in for a surprise. 

Half the rounds either nosedived into the magazine or got caught under the barrel ramp. I soon realized hotter loads and a wider range of ammunition seemed to exacerbate the issue. 


I’d suggest switching to Whitebox Mags or similar quality to counter this. An RSA replacement also helps. If the mag-well is bent, a mag-tuning tool from Brownells can correct it. 

Changing the magazine spring may be the best action if it seems problematic.

2. Spring Issue

Let’s talk about another hiccup I faced – the spring issue. I were quite annoyed when the spring popped out more frequently than it should’ve. To make matters worse, it wouldn’t stay aligned due to the top not being flat where it met the slide.


In this case, I realized that the best action is to return the firearm to Glock for repair. Sending your Glock 22 back to the manufacturer ensures that the experts handle the problem, and it’s usually the safest bet when dealing with an issue of this magnitude.

3. Ejecting Issue

As I delved deeper into my field testing, I stumbled upon a rather frustrating problem – an unreliable ejection. The spent cartridge would stubbornly cling on each time I fired, not ejecting as it should. 


Navigating this issue wasn’t easy, but I discovered some potential solutions. my first recommendation would be to inspect the spring once you remove the floor plate. It should reveal at least two full coils. 

If things are getting out of hand, consider investing in a new magazine. I found that a high-quality aftermarket magazine often did the trick.

Also, taking the time to meticulously clean the pin and replace any worn-out parts can be hugely beneficial. 

4. Slide/Trigger Reset Issues

The slide would sluggishly move to the back of the gun and stop, failing to engage with the trigger assembly. I noticed that the recoil spring might have been displaced or that I’d stripped my Glock clean of lubrication.


To reassemble, I learned to pull back the trigger while pushing the recoil spring into the locking lug notch. A neat trick, eh? I also found that sliding the slide-front back onto the frame while holding it down and pushing the safety plunger in allows the striker to move more forward, which helps enormously.

5. Slide Stop Pin Problems

Our range session got more complicated when I faced the slide stop snagging the slide almost immediately after each round. I observed that the spring might be pushing it up due to incorrect placement, or one of the pins was resting atop the slide stop spring rather than tucked beneath it.


Ensuring the slide stop spring is correctly positioned under the pin is crucial, allowing the spring to naturally press down on the sliding lock lever.

Alternatively, you could consult an expert gunsmith. 


In my rigorous field testing, I did encounter some issues that gave me pause. From the pesky failure to feed to the unpredictable ejection and spring issues, to the annoying slide/trigger reset troubles, and finally, the slide stop pin problems – I went through a gamut of challenges. 

However, what made all the difference was how I navigated these issues, leading me to solutions. Despite its drawbacks, I can’t overlook the Glock 22’s reliability, robustness, and user-friendly features, making it a popular choice. Just remember, regarding firearms, a little knowledge and proactive care can go a long way!


Is the Glock 22 a reliable handgun?

The Glock 22 and its cousin, the Glock 23, are known for their reliability. 

Why is the Glock 22 used for police?

The Glock 22’s popularity with police stems from its potent 40 S&W cartridge and high capacity for its size and weight.

Does the Glock 22 have no safety?

No, the Glock 22 features the “safe action” system, which includes three passive, independently operating mechanical safeties. 

Are Glocks drop safe?

Yes, they are. The Glock’s Safe Action System makes it safe even when dropped. 

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