5 Most Common CZ Shadow 2 Problems And How To Fix Them

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I’ve put the CZ Shadow 2 through its paces at the range and even in some competition settings. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s an incredible piece of machinery that has a lot to offer. Yet, it’s not perfect. 

I’ve encountered three main CZ Shadow 2 Problems. First off, there’s the problem of extraction failure, which is super frustrating when you’re in the middle of a shoot. Then there’s the grip issue; it just doesn’t feel 100% comfortable for everyone. And lastly, the gun sometimes fails to return to battery after firing.

In this article, we’ll dive into each issue, dissect what’s going wrong, and offer up some solutions that have worked for me. 

Overview of the Problems & their Solutions

Extraction FailureInstall an extra power extractor spring.
Grip IssueUse grip tape or swap out for a more ergonomic grip.
Not Returning To BatteryRegularly clean and lubricate the gun.

Top 5 Problems & Solutions for the CZ Shadow 2

1. Extraction Failure

So, the first roadblock I encountered was extraction failure. Yeah, it’s a total buzzkill. When I was deep into my shooting session, about 300 rounds in, the problem reared its ugly head.

I experienced four or five instances where the spent shell casings stubbornly refused to exit the chamber. 

Believe me, there’s nothing more irritating than dealing with a jam when you’re in the groove, trying to get some quality practice in. It disrupts your flow and chips away at your confidence a little.


But hey, there’s a silver lining. After some trial and error, I found a simple fix. I installed an extra 

power extractor spring. 

Let me tell you, this tiny change made all the difference. I’ve shot more than 200 rounds since making that modification and haven’t experienced a single failure to extract. 

2. Grip Issue

Moving on, the grip was my next obstacle. The aluminum stock grips that come with the CZ Shadow 2 look sleek, but they’re uncomfortable. 

I’ve tried to shoot in various settings, from dry indoor ranges to humid outdoor conditions. And let me tell you, the stock grips just don’t cut it. 

You start to lose that firm, confident grip, especially during prolonged sessions. It’s a downside that’s hard to ignore.


Alright, so what’s the fix? First, I tried grip tape. It’s an easy, quick, and affordable solution. The change in texture gave me a whole new level of grip and control. 

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution, there’s always the option of swapping out the stock grips for something more ergonomic and comfortable. Both options worked well for me; it’s really down to personal preference.

3. Not Returning To Battery

Finally, let’s talk about the gun not returning to battery. In one of my recent training sessions, I fired 180 rounds and had three malfunctions. 

The slide didn’t go all the way forward each time, disrupting my whole sequence. The malfunction was strange; I couldn’t just tap the slide forward.


Now for the remedy. It’s straightforward—cleaning and lubrication. Yep, that’s it. Taking some time to properly clean and lubricate the gun works wonders. 

After this routine maintenance, the slide was back to operating as smoothly as ever. Honestly, a little gun care goes a long way in preventing these kinds of issues. So, remember to give your CZ Shadow 2 the love and attention it deserves.


Alright, let’s wrap this up. The CZ Shadow 2 is undoubtedly a robust and well-crafted firearm, built for the pros but accessible for hobbyists. However, it does have a couple of issues that you’re likely to bump into, as I did. 

Extraction failures, grip discomfort, and the occasional failure to return to battery aren’t insignificant. But here’s the thing: each problem has a straightforward, do-it-yourself fix. With some tweaking and a small part, this gun transforms from great to exceptional. 

The CZ Shadow 2’s advantages far outweigh its downsides, especially when the solutions are so accessible.


How reliable is the CZ Shadow 2?

Extremely reliable, with an A+ rating after 300 rounds.

Is the CZ Shadow 2 too heavy?

It’s on the heavier side, especially for a pistol.

Is CZ Shadow 2 a competition gun?

Yes, it’s highly celebrated in dynamic sport disciplines like IPSC.

Is the CZ Shadow 2 single action only?

There is a single-action-only variant available.

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